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  •  Quantum Team presents Quantum Caster a typing fightning game! 

  • Story:

You were the type of guy who likes playing with strange toys, like magic sand, little fireworks and Quantum Time Warps.

One day you decided to throw a lava lamp into one of these warps and it just exploded causing the whole city to mix-up in itself.

The day after, your neighbor, with his dog's legs and Chtulu's arm, and all the other citizens weren't so happy with you.

Now they want to kill you, but you discover that the explosion gave you some kind of powers! Let's have some fun with these walking sushis!

  • Gameplay:

Kill a Lot of random generated enemies, attack after attack, wave after wave.

You have the power of a Lot of skills by your side, even cats will help you!

  • Keys:

Press simultaneously keys on your keyboard to attack, heal yourself or destroy the super armor of your foes! Don't press a key that is not on the screen or you'll get hit by the enemy!

  • The Team:



  • DISCLAIMERIf your keyboard doesn't register more than 3 keys at one time this game will be impossible for you...


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